KS2 English, The Wild Robot Study Guide

Book Discussion Questions: The Wild Robot Chapters 67-80 Study Guide

Welcome to Week 12 of The Wild Robot Study Guide, Chapters 67 – 80. As we approach the final week of our book study of The Wild Robot by Peter Brown, be prepared for a shocking and surprising ending that might be upsetting for some. This is a time to slow down and experience the full […]

Story to Comic Strip: The Wild Robot Chapters 60-66 Study Guide

This week, in The Wild Robot study guide, kids are going to have a blast turning Brightbill’s adventure into a comic strip. Also in this week’s guide: comprehension questions, building vocabulary, and when to use “an” and “a”.  Welcome to Week 11 of The Wild Robot Study Guide, Chapters 60 – 66. Let’s begin! Access the […]

Let’s Write a Newspaper Report! The Wild Robot Chapters 53-59 Study Guide

This week, in The Wild Robot, a very dramatic event occurs on the island and it makes for a perfect opportunity for kids to write a newspaper report based on the event. Included in this week’s study guide are handy tips for writing a newspaper report and newspaper report planning sheet, and a newspaper report template. Kids will actually have […]

Irregular Nouns: The Wild Robot Chapters 47-52 Study Guide

Spelling plurals of irregular nouns, copywork, comprehension questions, collective nouns, a diary writing activity, and descriptions of season changes. This is what you can expect in this weeks The Wild Robot literature study guide based on Chapters 47- 52.   Welcome to the ninth week of The Wild Robot Literature Study Guide. You can access […]

Exploring Adverbs: The Wild Robot Chapters 41-46 Study Guide

This weeks study guide of The Wild Robot focuses on adverbs. Adverbs are significant in helping us as readers understand the context of when, where, how, how often, to what extent the actions we read about take place. In our writing,  a well-placed adverb or adverbial phrase will help keep our writing concise, whilst giving the readers help […]

The Power of Synonyms: The Wild Robot Chapters 34-40 Study Guide

The Wild Robot Study Guide chapters 34-40.

Writing Summaries: The Wild Robot Chapters 26-33 Study Guide

Now that the Non-Chronological writing project is completed we can turn all of our attention back on the story. This week we will be focusing on the ever important skill of giving and writing summaries. We will also be sequencing events, focusing on using comas when listing, and homophones. Writing summaries can be a difficult […]

Action Verbs: The Wild Robot Chapters 23-25 Study Guide

Only three chapters this week? This is to make room for some serious work on the non-chronological report on camouflage. However, we do have time to squeeze in some reading, and also zoom in on the super important action verbs. In this post: The Wild Robot Chapters 23-25 Study Guide Teaching Notes And Answers Non-Chronological […]

Identity, Acceptance and Assimilation: The Wild Robot Chapters 19-22 Study Guide

The wild robot study guide chapters 19-22

A Descriptive Writing Adventure with Adjectives: The Wild Robot Chapters 14-18 Study Guide

25 September 2023 in KS2 English, The Wild Robot Study Guide

This week we will uncover the creative and strategic use of adjectives in The Wild Robot by the author, Peter Brown. In this week’s study guide and blog post, we will not only analyse the impact of adjectives in these chapters but also introduce the ‘ey’ spelling rule for the long ‘a’ sound. Also included are comprehension […]

Nouns, Nouns, Nouns: The Wild Robot Chapters 9-13 Study Guide

17 September 2023 in KS2 English, The Wild Robot Study Guide

Types of nouns, common nouns and proper nouns, noun Pictionary, a descriptive writing activity, spelling the long ‘a’ sound using ‘ei, comprehension questions, and activities to learn and consolidate vocabulary. This is what you can expect in this weeks The Wild Robot literature study guide based on Chapters 9-13.   Welcome to the second week […]

Capital Letters and Adding Details to Descriptions: The Wild Robot Chapters 1-8 Study Guide

10 September 2023 in KS2 English, The Wild Robot Study Guide

Pre-reading book discussion questions, comprehension questions, adding details to descriptions, when to use capital letters, exploring vocabulary using the Freyer Model, short writing activities, and spelling the long ‘a’ sound.  This is what you can expect in this weeks The Wild Robot literature study guide based on Chapters 1-8.   Welcome to the first of […]

Literature Study Guide: The Wild Robot

Buy The Wild Robot on Amazon (paid link) Jump to the contents for all of the posts and accompanying weekly literature study guides published so far. For our English lessons, we are going to kick off this year with The Wild Robot. Not only that, I have actually gone full throttle and planned a compete […]