KS2 English, SPaG

Homophones Worksheet

22 January 2023 in KS2 English, SPaG

Homophones can be a source of spelling confusion, so I thought it quite important to explore the concept. It’s a topic that my own kids had fun learning about, especially when they discovered homophones themselves. When I did this with my kids, we went all out. They made a homophones book. Each page had one […]

Punctuating Speech Worksheets

07 January 2023 in KS2 English, SPaG

A punctuating speech marks Success Criteria that students can refer to, to make sure they have considered all of the rules when writing spoken words. Also included are a couple of worksheets with some activities to practice this skill. One can be used in in the lesson, and the second sheet can be given to […]