KS2 Maths

How To Use the ‘Make-10’ Strategy for Subtracting Bigger numbers

05 March 2023 in KS2 Maths

When should you use the ‘Make 10’ strategy for subtracting? When the number being subtracted has to cross a ten of the number it is being subtracted from. Take a look at the following examples: 19 – 3, 26 – 14, 73 – 52. looking at the units of each sum, 9 – 3 and […]

20, 100, 1000 Addition/Subtraction Worksheets #2

28 January 2023 in KS2 Maths

The first set of these worksheets worked well for what I intended. When I used them in class, there was some serious thinking about addition and subtraction relationships and number bonds. I have made another set as we know fluency doesn’t come from one lesson! I haven’t changed the format as the style of questions […]

20, 100, 1000 Addition/Subtraction Worksheets

26 January 2023 in KS2 Maths

Drills- but a bit more. I have disguised the bog standard drills. Each section varies in style, even though every question still targets addition and subtraction skills. These worksheets can be challenging if seeing this format for the first time, so I do recommend partnering with the child first so that they understand what is […]