Telling the Time Worksheets

16 March 2023 | KS2 Maths

Telling the time resource to help children develop their understanding of telling the time to the hour, half hour, quarter past and quarter to, and to the minute. These worksheets give the chance to practise writing the time and reading in analogue and digital format. They also provide lots of practice drawing the time on clocks.

In the first sheet, students can practice telling the time to the hour. In the second sheet, students work on telling the time to half past. in the third sheet, students are introduced to quarter past and quarter to. The fourth and fifth sheet is a mixed practice sheet for half past, quarter past and quarter to. The fifth and sixth sheet gets students to work with telling the time to the minute.

Each activity has two tasks. The first task gets students to read the analogue clock and write the time in words and digital format. The second task gives the time in digital format and students are required to draw the hands on the clock to show the time and write the time in words.

I have also included a page which has black clock faces and space to write the time in digital format and words. This is for extra practice, and also allows the flexibility of saying any time, and having the students write it in which ever, or all three formats.

Answers included.

Truly, I found it so difficult to find a decent looking worksheet with blank clock faces with space for writing the digital time, so I hope this helps some of you out!

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