KS2 English, Non-Fiction Writing

Step-By-Step Guide (and Resources): Writing Non-Chronological Reports

03 August 2023 in KS2 English, Non-Fiction Writing

In this post I will be explaining: I have also created free downloadable resources to write non-chronological reports: Reading and writing doesn’t just have to be about fiction. Sometimes we forget that every subject has specialist vocabulary, every subject requires writing. Teaching your child how to write notes, summaries, reports, and essays will give them vital skills […]

5 Products That Give Your Child a Strong Writing Foundation

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when confronted with the numerous curriculums and ideas out there for teaching English in the homeschool. In this post I am going to give details of the only 5 products we used for our English curriculum from the ages of 5-11 in our homeschool that has provided a […]