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Year 3 Maths – All You Need to Know (Checklist and Assessments)

04 June 2023 in KS2 Maths, Maths Quick-Check

Maths Year 3 Quick-Check resources! A growing bank of checklists and assessments that can be used to quickly assess children’s knowledge across all areas of maths. These resources have been designed for efficiency, making it a time-saving option for homeschoolers. You can use these to identify areas your children may need to focus their learning […]

Times Table Practice Mat #3

02 April 2023 in KS2 Maths, Times Tables

Times Table Practice Mat #3. These times table worksheets are different in format than the previous two times table mats posted. This set gives students a chance to really give their times table knowledge a workout. It has different activities requiring slightly different ways of applying their multiplication knowledge. One of the activities included are […]

Times Table Practice Mats #2

30 March 2023 in KS2 Maths, Times Tables

Times table practice mats #2- each mat targets a single times table. One half of the times table activity mat is applying the times table and related division facts to different scenarios, and the other half is worded problems. Times table practice mats # 1 can be downloaded here. In set #1, one half is […]

Multiplication Using the Formal Written Method – Worksheets

12 March 2023 in KS2 Maths, Maths Topic Resources

The aims of these multiplication worksheets is to help students get confident when using the written method of multiplication. These worksheets will help students get that extra practice to help them embed this skill in their long term memory. Answers included. I hope this helps some of you out!

How To Use the ‘Make-10’ Strategy for Subtracting Bigger numbers

05 March 2023 in KS2 Maths, Maths Topic Resources

When should you use the ‘Make 10’ strategy for subtracting? When the number being subtracted has to cross a ten of the number it is being subtracted from. Take a look at the following examples: 19 – 3, 26 – 14, 73 – 52. looking at the units of each sum, 9 – 3 and […]

How to Add Bigger Numbers Using the “Make 10” Strategy

02 March 2023 in KS2 Maths, Maths Topic Resources

When teaching how to add, a key step is to learn the number bonds of ten- all of the different ways to make ten (e.g. 8+2, 6+4),  otherwise known as “friends of ten”.  This is such an important step, that no matter how old the child is, it should be learnt and practiced till fluent. […]