Times Table Practice Mats #2

Times table practice mats #2- each mat targets a single times table. One half of the times table activity mat is applying the times table and related division facts to different scenarios, and the other half is worded problems.

Times table practice mats # 1 can be downloaded here. In set #1, one half is drills of each times table and related division facts, and the other half is worded problems. As some of my students had difficulty with a couple of the worded problems, I have included the same ones again in set #2 to give them some more practice, before changing the wording and style of the questions.

For the students who are fluent in their times table and division facts, I have made “Times Table Mastery Mats“. These Times Table Mastery mats incorporate other topics where students will not only get the opportunity to apply their times table knowledge, but also strengthen and deepen their understanding of other areas of maths. Definitely check those out.

Answers included.

I hope this helps some of you out!

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