Times Table Mastery Mats

The Times Table Mastery Mats in this post are for the children who are fluent in at least their 1-5, and 10 times table and division facts. These mats embed times tables within other areas of maths, for example fractions, measuring, and perimeter of shapes, so it will strengthen and deepen their understanding of other areas of maths, rather than just providing times table practice. These also have a lot of maths terminology allowing students to be confident in language associated with maths. These sheets will most likely require support when first used, they are not intended for children to go through them with ease, but to provide some challenge. Some concepts might even need to be taught beforehand, if the child is not already familiar with the content.

Definitely have a read through the questions first, and feel free to cross off any questions that you think might cause frustration to the child- you can always teach these later.

I will post more sets of these as I make them.

I have previously posted my Times table practice mats, each mat targeting a single times table, as a way of providing the students practice in applying the specific times table they are learning to gain fluency and confidence. These are ideal for children still learning the initial few times tables.

I hope this helps some of you out!

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