Times Table Practice Mats

We have already been working on the times tables each week for a portion of the lessons at the beginning. Some students have taken the responsibility upon themselves and have made great progress, a few have finished learning all of them, and some kind of know the 2, 5, and 10. So with this mixed bunch, I definitely need to prepare materials to support those who are still at the early stages of learning their times tables, but also not hold back the students who are ready to apply their times table knowledge in different contexts.

I have made these Times table practice mats, each mat targeting a single times table, as a way of providing the students practice in applying the specific times table they are learning to gain fluency and confidence. One half of the times table activity mat is drills of times table and related division facts, and the other half is worded problems. I will also use these activity mats to assess how fluent the student is in a times table before moving them on to the next one. If confident, they should be able to finish this quite quickly.

For the students who are fluent in their times table and division facts, I am in the process of making “Times Table Mastery Mats“. I’m going to make two versions, one requiring times table 1-5 and 10, and the other using all 12 times tables. I’m so excited by these mats as I’m going to incorporate other topics where students will not only get the opportunity to apply their times table knowledge, but also strengthen and deepen their understanding of other areas of maths. I will post when these are done.

I intend to make some more of these Times Table Practice Mats, and I will post them as I do them.

Answers included.

I hope this helps some of you out!

Update 06/03/23: Worksheets have been updated with the missing three times table. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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