KS2 English

Writing Summaries: The Wild Robot Chapters 26-33 Study Guide

25 October 2023 in KS2 English

Now that the Non-Chronological writing project is completed we can turn all of our attention back on the story. This week we will be focusing on the ever important skill of giving and writing summaries. We will also be sequencing events, focusing on using comas when listing, and homophones. Writing summaries can be a difficult […]

Nouns, Nouns, Nouns: The Wild Robot Chapters 9-13 Study Guide

17 September 2023 in KS2 English

Types of nouns, common nouns and proper nouns, noun Pictionary, a descriptive writing activity, spelling the long ‘a’ sound using ‘ei, comprehension questions, and activities to learn and consolidate vocabulary. This is what you can expect in this weeks The Wild Robot literature study guide based on Chapters 9-13.   Welcome to the second week […]

The Wild Robot Homeschool Literature Study Guide

31 August 2023 in KS2 English

For our English lessons, we are going to kick off this year with The Wild Robot. Not only that, I have actually gone full throttle and planned a compete homeschool literature study guide around it. I will be sharing these resources on this blog as we complete the chapters. I am super excited to share […]

5 Ways to Teach Reading Comprehension

20 July 2023 in KS2 English

The reality is, reading doesn’t equal understanding. Reading comprehension is a complex skill for children and it helps for us homeschoolers to have some strategies up our sleeves to teach our kids reading comprehension skills. It can often be the case where our kids, who can confidently read, struggle to understand the underlying message.  We invest countless hours […]

5 Simple Charlotte Mason Inspired Ways to Use Living Literature in Your Homeschool

10 July 2023 in KS2 English

In this post I am going to share 5 easy, effective and practical strategies that you can start doing now for incorporating Charlotte Mason practices and living literature into your homeschool curriculum. But first, why would you want to use Charlotte Mason practices and living literature in the first place? Good literature is powerful.  I’ve always loved good […]

5 Products That Give Your Child a Strong Writing Foundation

19 March 2023 in Product and Book Reviews

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when confronted with the numerous curriculums and ideas out there for teaching English in the homeschool. In this post I am going to give details of the only 5 products we used for our English curriculum from the ages of 5-11 in our homeschool that has provided a […]

Story Genre Worksheet

12 January 2023 in KS2 English

Understanding the genre of a piece of writing is super important as a comprehension tool. Last week we had a brainstorm on all of the different types of story genres there were. To reinforce this, I have made a worksheet for my students to use this week as a quick recap on some of the […]